Ricky Warwick, Lead Singer of Thin Lizzy and Black Star Riders

I feel unbelievable. After Dr. Casey adjusted me, I played the best show of our entire tour. I've never seen a chiropractor who does work like this. This guy's amazing.

Chad Szeliga, Multi-Platinum Recording Artist, Drummer of Breaking Benjamin, Black Label Society and Black Star Riders

I feel like I have a new body. Dr. Casey is the best of the best. I've had such bad pain in my wrists and hands when I play, that I had to actually change my drumming technique. I'm performing better than I ever have, I'm thinking clearly, and my lost sense of smell even came back. I wish Dr. Casey lived next door to me so I could see him all the time!

Peg P.

It is my pleasure to write about my experience undergoing Chiropractic care from Dr. Casey Pride. I first met him at The English Church here in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. When I experienced the onset of severe back pain I decided to visit him at his practice at the Chiropractic clinic where he was working. I have had various joint pains and general body aches and discomfort for several years with no resolution, in spite of various evaluations and medications. I was pretty much just attributing it to my age and physically challenging work for a person of 71 years. I went to the clinic expecting an adjustment or two, a resolution of my back pain and be done. Once there, I was impressed by the examination, introduction to the treatment regimen, and plan for ongoing treatment. I had great confidence in Dr. Casey's knowledge and compassion. I was impressed how completely focused he was on my situation from different avenues of health such as physical, diet and stress related. After ongoing treatment and adjustments, my overall health is great, I don't have nagging body aches, I can work hard in my mission work and not feel wiped and sore for days after the physical exertion. It was a great process to improve my overall health, not just that one original back ache. I am very grateful for the months of care from Dr. Casey Pride and I miss hearing, "Miss Peg, you are reconnected!

Angela M.

At first, I went to Dr. Casey because I wanted to improve my mobility and flexibility. Not only did he help me improve those things, but under his care I completely healed from my anxiety, which I had lived with for many years. My overall health has completely changed for the better with Dr. Casey’s help.

Casey K.

A lifetime of being an athlete left me a little beat up. I originally went to Dr. Casey Pride for turf toe. I was trying to manage pain with ibuprofen, ice, and an electronic stim machine I bought on the internet; additionally, anytime I wanted to work out, I needed to spend 5 minutes putting medical tape on my toes. And still, there were days that the pain got me and I skipped working out. Casey’s work relieved my pain. I no longer use ibuprofen or tape my feet, and the stim machine hasn’t come out of the moving box where it went a year ago. Not only do I not miss working out any day, but I can often workout twice on the weekends! While I went to Casey originally for my foot, he took care of my other issues as well. Over the years, I have suffered multiple concussions. I thought I had fully recovered, and the life I was living was as it should have been. Casey told me that I didn’t need to live with random headaches and occasional dizzy spells. I didn’t even realize I was supposed to feel that good in my daily life. You never know how important quality of life is until it’s drastically improved. I can’t thank Dr. Casey Pride enough; he truly worked miracles.

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